Photos 2005
Margi's New House

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Here's some updated pictures of them finally getting some construction done on our little cottage.
These are pictures of the pouring of the final cement.

Here we were having Mimosas
at the new house for Memorial Day....
AKA Motley Crew!
Left to right is Dan & Lynn
(they bought property next to mine & live across the street)
Rick (he's doing the building), Sandi a friend,
Terry, Dick (he's the architect), mE,
in the back is Marty & Phyllis friends, and Don & Linda in front.

You can see the garage on the left,
porch that will be under roof in the front,
and they're in the "gathering room".
This angle sure makes it look small.
Here's some of the framing...

That's the front porch with windows & door,
the big opening is the sliding glass door to the back,
and Rick is in the front bedroom to the right.

That's Sam chugging water in the powder room.
The utility room is at the back left with the garage full of wood.

And here's a full view.