Photos 2005
Margi's New House

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This is as the trees were removed.
Looking South.
Don & Linda's house and huge garage is next door.

Here's one of Me in my lumber jack boots with Dick
and his son Rick.
Dick is the architect and Rick is building it.

Cutting down trees

From the front towards the West.
They've marked for the digging last winter.
(See the little house - that's on the street behind us.
The big white building is Don's garage with camping trailer,
boat, and several cars in there.)

This looks North West. That clump of trees is in the front yard.

This is the footer hole.
Looks North to Washington Blvd. where we lived in the apt.
There's a lot between us and the house on the corner.
Looks like it's right on my property.
Dan & Lynn that live across the street bought that and
cleared all the brush off. Looks so bare.

This picture looks like the house is right in our yard but,
it's clear down on the end of the street.

Here's Paige (Don & Linda's grand daughter)
supervising the cement pouring for the foundation.

Here's the foundation.
That's the garage with the utility room behind.
Next to the garage is the "gathering" room and
then the bedrooms etc.

Here's the bathroom, front bedroom, and driveway...

Sooooo, there it is so far!
We're moving the bathroom indoors and
there won't be those huge pipes for the poop either.

Here's a bonus picture of what Terry does to Jake.