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How to Print Photos in XP
Updated: 06/08/2009
How to Print Photos in XP
Note: Vista is very similar but 'My Pictures' is just called 'Pictures'.
This white paper describes the steps necessary to print photos in XP.
You can print photos on nice paper and you can specify the size of the prints.
You can specify 4x6, 5x7, etc..
I attempt to show all of the details including the philosophy of storing your images.


Where to store your photos

The first thing you have to decide is where you want to store your pictures.
Most camera programs automatically download photos to the 'My Pictures' folder under the 'My Documents'

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(Folder order)
Start/My Computer
  My Documents
    My Music
    My Pictures
    My Videos

You can store your photos in My Pictures by default or you can create a
different folder on your C:\ drive.
I have a folder called C:\Canon SD700 IS ELPH which I store my photos in.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

How to organize your photos

If you don't know any better go with the default 'My Photos' but set up a
structure of folders under 'My Photos'.

My structure includes the following sub-folders;

Around the House
  Pictures of my garden or my dining room, etc..
Around Town
  Pictures of the beach or a park, etc..
  Pictures that I take at our summer Concerts in the Park
  Joes retirement, etc..
  Pictures of my daughter's family and our grand kids, etc..
  Copies of pictures that I like and want to find quickly to show friends.
  Pictures of our friends
  Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc..
  Movies that I take in "movie" mode
Old Slides
  I took pictures of old family slides that I displayed on the wall.
  Pictures of customer's PC or pictures of the attic, etc..
  Sample Pictures that I took using each setting on my camera for comparison.
Sunrise Sunset
  Collection of pictures of pretty sunrise/sunsets.
  Pictures of trips that we have taken.  Organized by year and location.
    Hawaii 2006
    Italy 2007

You can organize them anyway you like   but like your garage;
  o you have to be able to find them when you want to and
  o you need to know where the next set will go.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

How to find your photos

If you have downloaded photos from your camera to somewhere on your PC but
don't know where they ended up you can do a search.

You can search two different ways.
  o by Date and
  o by Date
  (there are two way so search by date)

First go to My Computer and right click on My Pictures.
This assumes that your pictures are somewhere below My Pictures.
If they are not below My Pictures then you will have to click on your C:\ drive
and search the whole hard drive.

On the right click of My Pictures, left click on "Search..."
That will bring up a new dialog box titled "Search Results"

On the left side under "All or part of the file name:"  type,

All of your pictures have a suffix of .jpg
*.jpg  says that you want all of them.
Then click on [Search]

The right side will start populating with all of your JPG files (photos).
When it comes to a halt, make sure that you are in the "Details" view.
On the top menu click on View and then down below select 'Details'.
This give you a list of your files which includes a title bar;

  "Name"  "In Folder"   "Size"   "Type"   "Modified Date"

You may have to scroll to the right to see "Modified Date".
Click on "Modified Date" and look at the top date.
Click on "Modified Date" again and look at the top date.
Do this until the top date is cloest to now.

The "Name" and "In Folder" columns will tell you where your latest photos went.

The SECOND way to search by date is to click on "When it was modified?" in the
begining (after you entered *.jpg on the left)
"When it was modified?" is also on the left but further down.
Then select
 (o) Within the last week.

and click on [Search] again..

You will get the same results but lesser files are returned. The first way
returns ALL files from the beginning and the second way returns just the files
modified in the last week,  The one you are looking for.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

How to select your photos for printing

Once you are in the folder that contains the photos that you want to print,
you have to select which photos to print.

Again you have two choices;
  o Select the files in the folder
  o Select the files in the Print Wizard

It is easier to select the files in the folder because you can see better which
ones you want to print.

This time change the "view" to thumbnails.
On the top menu click on View and then down below select 'Thumbnails'.

Now you can see the photos.

Select the pictures that you want to print and Right Click/Print.

To select multiple pictures;
  o Click on the first picture that you want.
  o Then hold down 'Ctrl'
  o Click the second, third, etc. pictures while STILL holding down 'Ctrl'

Right Click/Print to open up the "Photo Printing Wizard"

Note: if you are in the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer", you can select
      other pictures but you have to select from thumbnails.
      There is no way to view the photos full size.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

How to print your pictures from the Print Wizard

Servers Now the pictures to be printed are selected. Right click on one of the selected photos and click print. (you have to click on on of the selected photos are you will lose your selections) --- --- --- --- --- --- Under My Pictures, there will typically be a folder indicating the date. 2009 April 23 (pictures taken on the 23rd of April) Take a look at the photos in a "date" folder and determine what category you want to call these photos. Lets say that these are photos from a birthday party that you went to for Joe. I would rename the folder (23) to something like "Joes 50th birthday 2009". Folder is the "Date".. Need to reorganize immediately How to find photos ? Search in My Pictures My Computer O:\Desc\White Papers\XP Printing Photos\Start - My Computer.jpg --- --- --- --- --- --- Quick Steps 1. Open your Pictures folder Start/My Photos 2. 3.
How to print your pictures from the Print Wizard (Quick Steps) o Open the folder that contains the photo(s) o Right click on the photo that you want to print and select 'Print' o "Welcome to the Photo Printing Wizzard", click [Next] o Check the pictures that you want, click [Next] o Click multiples if you like, click [Next] o Click on "Printing Preferences" o Select "Best Photo" or equivelant for your printer o Select paper type for your printer, click [OK] o Select the "size" that you want There are two formats for 'Full page' o centered and rotated to fit o croped and rotated to fit Each photo selected will be on it's own page '5x7' will place two pictures on a page There are two formats for '4x6' o one to fit 3 on a page o one to fit 2 on a page Note: There is an option where a "Portrait" photo is cropped to "Landscape" I did it by accident and it cropped off the bottom part of the picture and it actually looked better. O:\PICS\Brad and Kellys Pictures\Flickr\Captured\IMG_7238.jpg became.. O:\PICS\Brad and Kellys Pictures\Flickr\Captured\IMG_7238a.jpg O:\Desc\White Papers\How to Print Photos in XP.ppt o There is an option to print multiples of each picture; "Number of times to use each picture [1] o click [Next] when you are done and printing commenses... o click [Finish] OR click [Back] to use the same pictures with different options





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