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W3 HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0 Reference
Google  -  Images  -  Trends
HTML Guide  -  HTML Guide from Glen
HTML Guide draac.com
HTML CodeAve.com
Merriam-Websters Dictionary
HTML Samples   -   FontsHTM
HTML Dog   -   HTML  -  CSS
Yahoo   -   Ask Jeevs What is ?
Yahoo News  -  Google News
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Sports    Traffic - 511 - Google
Ultimate White Pages
People Search   -   Switchboard
City of MB    Concerts   -   2010
GoogleMaps:    1631 - SB - CA - USA
Costco Photo Center
Wikipedia - Main Page
TV Guide   -   Yahoo TV   -   TW

Microsoft Developers Network - MSDN
MSDN - Visual Basic

SUPPORT Microsoft
Viola...    2010    Favs...
Daily Breeze - Obits  -   BR - ER - 90266
Symantec  -   AVG Virus Encyclopedia
AHS Virus Hoax
Urban Legends  -   About:Urban Legends
Lost Money  -   Priceless
Los Angeles Times   -   (delivery)
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Visual Basic:
VB Accelerator (FREE code, etc..)     Code..
Visual Basic Web Magazine (ok)
VB Helper (Tips, tricks, & example programs)
Planet Source Code (example programs)
TutorGig (example programs)
Joe Garrick's World of Visual Basic!
developerFusion Visual Basic     developerFusion (Tutorials and Code)
Links for the Visual Basic Programmer..

Experts Exchange (Q+A) Answers at the bottom - requires signup $9.99

VB Code Guru (Samples)
Freeware Code (Samples)
Tech-Tips (Samples)

ZDNet Downloads
http://davecentral.com/ (http://freshmeat.net/)



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