A H S 2014
  AHS Class of 1964 - 50th Reunion
  Saturday Night at the Bluewater Grill - July 26, 2014
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         Sorted by First Name

Alana Klarl (Quinn)

Barbara Crane (Heiller)
and Janice Rogers (Crozier)

Barbara Sewell (Johnson)

Jerry and
Barbara Wisser (Harmon)

Beverly Shaver (Cox)
and Dan Hutchinson

Bob Haut

Jan and
Bob Warner

Brad Williams
and Lori McComas

Carmela Billings (Camp)

Carol Patry (Mortensen)

Carolyn Bruchez (Serena Miller)

Chris Glass

Chris Monroe (McGivern)

Cindy Fouse (Cynder Synclair)

Claire Steinmetz (Leney)

Clyde (Roger) Hastings
and Karen Miller

Dana Jarrette (Dietel)
and Kurt

Darlene Harrison (Stein)

Darrell Jensen
and Susan

Terri Cummings and
Dave Patterson

David DeVincenzi
and Cheryl

David Engle

Dianne Frickman (Brooks)
and Roger Hastings

Donnie Johnson (Calkins)

Doreen Sinecrope (Yata)
and Ken

Eddie DeCamp
and Lynn

Elaine Clark (O'Donnell)
and Gail Morton (Griebenow)

Frank (Vito) Simplicio
and Coral

Fred Nunn
and Janice Crane

Freeman (Lou) Little

Gail Morton (Griebenow)
and Sam Barr

Garland Alley
and Judy

Garth Sheriff

Augela and
Gary Bartz (David Bartley)

Kristi Jensen (Hutchinson) and
George (Mark) Deal

Hank Logan
and Dianna

Harvey Hunziker

Mimi and
Hugh Reynolds

Barbara Crane (Heiller) and
Janice Rogers (Crozier)

Janie Jurgens (Imel)
and Pat

Jann Geer (Dillon)

John Banvard and
Jerry Nadeau (Gerard)

Jim Erickson
and Sandy

Jim Fowler
and Cindy Fouse

Jim Newman (Jimmie)

Cathy and
Jim Rice

Jim Tucker

Jo Anne Starkey (Schlegel)

and Joe Burton

June Wilson (Fairchild)

Kathleen Galvin

Kathy McElmurry (Wright)
and John

Kathryn Williams (Hofer)

Kristi Jensen (Hutchinson)
and Dan

Lanny Christenson

Leslie Williams (Mulholland)

Linda Parker (Garbez)

Mary Duhaime (Friese)

Mike Dwyer

Terry and
Nancy Price (Brown)

Nancy Smith (Muse)

Pamela Didriksen (Goddard)

Tom Gallinger
and Pat

Maricarol and
Paul Chapman

Paulette Bundy (Caudill)

Rita and
Pete Espinosa

Philip Giba

Ray Felix

Rose Ann Berndt (Denman)

Edwin and
Roseanne Morgan (Rodgers)

Sam Barr
and Gail Morton (Griebenow)

Sharon Maguire
and Tom Hruby

Stephen Marble

Sterling Storm
and Cindy Fouse

Susan (Suzie) Stroh

Susette Lobnow (Klingseis)

Tanya Butts (Molina)

Terri Cummings
and Kristi Hutchinson

Val Harden (Boyer)

Velomy Komora

Greg and
Vicki Lause (Middlesworth)