Updated: 05/03/2008
Sam Barr's - Food Choices

These restaurants are our favorites:

[Map]      Aimee's Bistro - Redondo Beach      [Picture]
[Map]      Bottle Inn - Hermosa Beach      [Picture]
[Map]      Lido - Manhattan Beach      [Picture]
[Map]      Great Western Steak and Hoagie - Venice      [Picture]      [Picture]      [Picture]
[Map]      Johnie's Pastrami - Venice      [Picture]      [Picture]      [Picture]
[Map]      The Golden Lotus - Rancho Palos Verdes      [Shrimp]     Gone...
[Map]      Cucina Calabrese a Taste of Southern Italy - Redondo Beach      [Menu]      [Picture]      [Picture]          Gone...
[Map]      Blue Agave Grill - Manhattan Beach     Gone...

Outside of the South Bay...
[Map]      Trattoria Il Porcellino - Montclair (Oakland)      [Picture]

LA Bars & Restaurants of the 40s 50s 60s

Try salmon with bbq sauce on the Foreman Grill

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