Jello Shooters
Polliwog Park Summer Concerts
Manhattan Beach, CA

   Updated: 1/28/2011
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  "New Jell-O Shooter Policy"     
Hi Guys
This year there is going to be a change in our Jell-O process.
I will outline the changes below.

Polliwog Jell-O Chef, Roni..

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  This is a new DAY !! (I mean year)
For Christmas I was given a new book of Recipes by my son.
It is called the "Complete Guide to Jell-O Shots".

In the same package I received new Jell-O Shots containers.
I want to warn you right now.
There will be a whole new process to learn.
  No more of the "Official" plastic medicine cups.
No more of the "Official" wooden toothpicks.

The new containers do not require toothpicks and they are TWICE as large.

  New Delivery System
In the past I have gone from blanket to blanket distributing the Jell-O Shots that I made.
I will still go from blanket to blanket but... .

You will need to learn a new way of removing the Jell-O.
No more will you use your tongue to dislodge the Jell-O.

You will simply twist the top rim and then pour the Jell-O down your throat.

ALSO, quit throwing the cups in the trash if you want more the following week.
You will be assigned a serial number and your Jell-O cup will match this number.

If I find that I have your cup when I check on Tuesday, (no earlier)
I will refill it for the following Sunday.

Some of my "special" friends will be assigned multiple serial numbers
and therefore will receive multiple Jell-O Shots.
With this honor will come more responsibility..

If you are up to it we will have another great summer.
If you can not handle this new responsibility, it will greatly affect your
presence at the year ending lawn party.

-- See you the 26th, Roni
Updated: 1/18/2011