Jello Shooters
Polliwog Park Summer Concerts
Manhattan Beach, CA

   Updated: 3/28/2009
  "Sex-on-the-Beach"    Jell-O Shooters      (Courtesy of Stan Flood..)
Ingredients                            Quantities

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Peach Jell-O (large box, 4C. recipe)
1 Lg. Box
Pineapple juice (canned)  
12 oz.
Cranberry juice
6 oz.
Vodka (80-100 proof)
1 cup
Peach Brandy (35-70 proof)
1 cup
Whip Cream (Cool Whip)
1 tub
Coffee Stirrers
Plastic cups (1 oz)
    CAUTION:  Do not use fresh pineapple juice,  it will not jell.
  Heat pineapple juice and cranberry juice to boiling.
Dissolve Jell-o in heated juice then set aside to cool.
When liquid is less than 150F (cool enough to safely stick finger into), add liquor.
Fill plastic cups 3/4 full with liquid and refrigerate until jelled.
Serve with topping of whipped cream and loosen from cup edges with coffee stirrers prior to toast.
Updated: 3/28/2009