A H S 2001

Aviation High School All Class Reunion

Class of 1961 - 40 Year Reunion

When: Saturday July 28, 2001
Doors will open at 6:30 and buffet will start at 7: 00-8:30.
Casino will start at 7:00-11
DJ will start at 8:00-12

Where: Hacienda Hotel, El Segundo

Susan (Bostwick) Stephenson (714) 894-8669 pstephenson@socal.rr.com
Myra (Hart) Walker (760) 941-4648 > MYRA.WALKER@TRW.COM

Hi to all Aviation alumni! The reunion is rapidly approaching and we are looking forward to seeing everyone. If you are in town on Friday, the 27th, there will be an informal gathering in the bar at the Hacienda Hotel around 8:00 p.m. So plan to stop by and try to put names and faces together! On Saturday beginning around noon, the all-class reunion picnic will take place at Poliwog Park. Bring your own picnic lunch and drinks (be discreet) and look for signs posted by each individual class.
All former teachers are invited as our guests to the evening festivities and are also welcome to the picnic and Friday night events.

For those of you who can't make it this year, we will miss you and hopefully see you at the next event. Please keep in touch with someone from your class if you change your mailing or email address!

See you soon.....
Susan (Bostwick) Stephenson

Update on the reunion:
Thanks to everyone who helped or will help with the reunion.

Look on this webb site. http://www.barrsam.com/AHS.HTM
Sam Barr is from the class of 1964 and he is helping us out.
He has posted pictures from last years all class reunion.
We will post our pictures and information after the reunion on this site.

Looks like we will have 100 attending
Mr. Timmens and wife, Mrs. Marshal and Husband, Mr. Walker, Mr. Gossard will stop by and then go to the 1971 reunion at the school Gym.
There were a few more but I don't have the names. Susan talked to several teachers that cannot attend or are attending the class of '71 but they were happy we thought of them.

Bonnie, could you call Mr. Hyduke and see if he is coming?

Diane, haven't heard from you....bring Kathy Maus with you, she knows everyone!!! Suzie Edwards.. I am sorry you cannot come..But we may plan a trip to see you and go to Tahoe for a side trip...Terry, sorry to hear about Jack's knee surgery, but you come anyway..He would not care..(well maybe a little). We will miss him!!!

Wendy at the Hacienda is working with us so I think we will be OK with the costs. We did find we had several bad addresses for folks. We need 85-90 paying people to cover the 95-100 guarantee. (Teachers are Free) I just got a call from a few more that will pay at the door. I prefer to get it in advance, but I think they have enough to cover the costs. We will just cut down on the door prizes.

We are setting up the DJ at one end the Casino at the other. Bar is set up outside on the Patio with a couple of tables as well as registration tables. I have "sign in" binders made...

I plan to be there around 6:00-6:30 Linda Richardson, Nancy Powell, Ginna Ruggles and Diane can you help during the registration/sign in process?
Judy Lind, Judy Foster and Bonnie are you available with Susan & Jerri to help right at the beginning. Let me know. We need folks to make sure people check in and we need folks to hand out the Play money, and direct classmates to the table to pick up a name badge. and to use the video camera we hope someone has. At the sign in desk we will give out $500 play money to each paid classmate. They cash it in for chips at the tables. At 10:30, they cash in the chips and receive one ticket for each $100- they have left and it goes into the drawing for any door prizes we have. The hotel is giving us one of the raffle cages to use. The casino nights are donating a 2 night stay in Laughlin, NV. I am donating a "Mary Kay Body Care" Basket, a couple bottles of wine, we have some movie tickets. Judy Foster, could you get some See's candy certificates at TRW and we will reimburse you. Any donations are appreciated.

Tables will be set up with yellow, green, blue, red, tablecloths with contrasting napkins. (Bright colors looked better last time) a group of tall Colored balloons at each table with string confetti and wrapped candy. Jerri and Susan and I will decorate because we are staying at the hotel. Come early if you want. Orange black and white balloons at the reception desk. The orange black and white looked too dull in the room. Susan, Jerri and I made that decision..

Bonnie, do you have any inexpensive center piece ideas since you are in the flower business? Maybe we won't have balloons! Ladies, let me know your ideas or suggestions. We are looking for something that we could make into Freddie the falcon..Any ideas? Last time I bought a chicken piņata and Susan made a shirt for him..it was cute.

Friday (All Classes) meet at Barnabys!!, lots of other classes go!. We will told our folks that we will meeting at the Hacienda lounge around 7:30 just because it is convenient. Might hit them both..

If you get a chance go to the Marriott upstairs Lounge on Sat. it is always a fun place to see more classmates. Just make sure you get to ours before the buffet is over at 8:30. Sam Barr has arranged that for the past few years and it has been very successful. The class of 1971 is having their 30th in the Aviation Gym Sat. night, I am sorry we cannot do it all, maybe we can get a chauffeur and have them drop us by each place??? Just Kidding but not a bad idea.

Many are going to the park during the day on Sat.to check out all the classes, I know Susan and Jerri were planning on going for a while, it is always fun...

Doors will open at 6:30 and buffet will start at 7: 00-8:30.
Casino will start at 7:00-11
DJ will start at 8:00-12

Bring your regular camera and we will have pictures made in CD form to put on Webb. Do either of you have a video cameras? I'll take some pics
I thought about buying a Polaroid camera and charging $1.00 per photo for those who want an instant picture!! Some folks don't use computers and may want a pic with a special friend. What do you think? We are not having an picture album done, but we could put something together with addresses and photos after the fact maybe?? Sounds like a lot of work...

We are having a table for memorabilia, Bonnie, Judy L and Judy F. if you have stuff, please bring it with your name on it. I have a place for folks to let us know their most memorable times at aviation by writing it in a binder that I made up.

There will be a TV/VCR so we can show past reunion videos of previous reunions. We can see what we looked like 5 years ago!! yikes!! where has the time gone? Seems like only yesterday we were going to an after game dance in the cafeteria!!!

It will be fun!!!

Myra Walker
(858) 592-4007